Horse farm Adamsbro is the name of a small horse farm from the 1900s beautifully located on the "Hill of Adamsbro" just at the edge av Rya Åsar nature reserve outside Borås.

Adamsbro the typical 1900s style with the traditions of generational housing. Adamsbro is a lifestyle concept for your home. It is inspired by nature gårdsliv and love for horses.

Adambro's collections breathe EquestrianLifestyle.

Colors materials and details are drawn from the tradition but always with a modern twist.Vi think there are people all over the world in all countries just as we appreciate this lifestyle.

Adamsbro offers a well coordinated concept for your home.every detail is important for us.We value quality in everything from the design to the choice of materials. The range consists of cushions" throws rugs lamps, small furniture and decoration. Design, colors and materials are designed to be combined. We guide with different stories  so that you can easily find your personal style whether you live in the countryside or in the city.

Welcome to discover Adamsbro.